Complete Custom Turbocharger Kits - 1994 Mazda Miata
Single Turbo (Garrett GT2560R), '99 Engine Swap, Megasquirt Engine Management
This ABSURDflow setup is currently making 300rwhp and 242ft-lbs (dynojet corrected) @ 14psi on Paul's 1.8 Miata, with nearly zero lag and extremely quick spool: 3psi @ 2000rpm, 6.5psi @ 2500rpm, 11.6psi @ 3000rpm, 14psi @ 3200rpm
100% TIG welded components. Whether you need individual components or want us to create a complete kit down to the stand-alone ECU, the professionals at Shore Motorsports can do it. Please call or email us for specifics.
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